Tuckered Out…

All peanut butter tuckered out, and in her dreams…


See the full story of Cee-Cee’s peanut butter adventure, by Barbara Anne Helberg, at the next post (BELOW):

National Mutt Day

In honor of US National Mutt Day, here is my adopted sweetie-pie, Cee-Cee, also known as BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT at http://www.chickensoupforbuckeyes.wordpress.com :



Cee-Cee came to live forever with me in October of 2010. She was in a foster home after being removed from a shelter one day away from her meeting with the Needle Man.

God bless those willing to act as foster parents for the sake of getting more dogs permanently adopted. Bonnie and Dale saved Cee-Cee for me!

Cee-Cee says, “Thanks, everyone, for giving me a second chance! Love you, Mom!”

A Late Dinner Opportunity


“I tell ya, Maude, the dog is dead. Let’s get dinner.”


(Cee-Cee only sleeps.)


“Not so fast, Roy. Take a look now!”


(Cee-Cee awakens and looks up…)


“It’s not dead at all, and it tipped over that bench. Too much for me! Let’s get outta here!”


“Mom. Really? A FishEye lens view of me?”



“Ha, ha, ha! Very funny, Mom!”

“What, Cee-Cee? Sarcasm? It’s a riot! You do look very funny!”


“Well, sure, right. So… Give the camera to me for a minute…”

Cee-Cee’s Bench

On warm days, Cee-Cee and I like to sit on this white iron bench and pass the time away. It’s a special place for us.

Cee-Cee's Bench sits beside the Maumee River in our backyard

Cee-Cee’s Bench sits beside the Maumee River in our backyard

But, let’s allow Cee-Cee to tell the story of her Bench.


“Mom, my Bench has a ghost behind it. Be careful!”

“No, Sweetie Pie, that’s my shadow as I take this picture for you.”

“Oh, okay, then.”


“In the Fall, my Bench has leaves on it.”


“But it’s still my Bench, and I guard it.”


“Don’t even think about getting on my Bench.”


“Yep. It’s my Bench. All day long.”


“Hey! I mean it! It’s mine!”


“Oh, yeah, I guard it from behind, too. Mine.”


“And from the front. It’s mine.”


“And from the side. Mine. Don’t touch.”


“I love my Ben…nnn…ccchhh!”


“Whew. A girl gets a little tired guarding her Bench all day.”


“Even a little sleepy in this warm Autumn air…


Who’s there!?”


“Mom! It’s the ghost again. He wants my Bench!”

“No, Darlin’ Dumpling, it’s just me taking another picture.”

“Oh. Right. Okay.”


“I think it’s nap time…


But I’ll always be ready to guard my Bench. No touching!”


“Mom, let’s do a selfus. I love you and I love our Bench.”


“Yup. Ours, Mom. You and me and Bench.”

The lawn's been mowed and leaves cleared and Bench is ready for Winter, the new guarding season.

The lawn’s been mowed and leaves cleared and Bench is ready for Winter, the new guarding season.


Westminster Welcomes Mixed Breed Category

“Hey, Cee-Cee, look here!”

IMG_9757 (800x600)

“What are you reading, Mom?”

“You’ll never guess!”

“Try me. My mind is supple, you know.”

“This year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is allowing mixed breeds into a special category!”

IMG_9758 (1024x768)

“Hee, hee, hee! Well, it’s about time!”

“The world keeps changing, for sure!”

IMG_9761 (800x600)

“Hey, Mom! Can we go? I’m a Defiance Crescent-News Pet Parade winner, you know!”

“Oh, little girl dumplin’, I know. And you won Best Curly Tailed at the Bark for a Park event, as well. But this involves travel costs and registrations and agility competition, events for which we’ve never trained you.”


“I know. Bummer. But we can watch on TV –”

“That’ll be cool. Hey, who are the new dudes this year?”

“Hmm… Let me look. Well, Rat Terriers –”

IMG_9759 (768x1024)

“Huh! Hey, I’m terrier –”

“But you are a Border Terrier m –”

“Border Terriers compete!”

“Purebred Border Terriers, little girl dumplin’. You are part Border Terrier.”

“Oh. Yeah. What’s that other part again?”

“Basenji — the non-barker with the –”

IMG_6042 (800x600)

“Curly tail.”


“Okay. Who else is new?”

“It says the Portuguese podengo pequeno –”


“Yes! I agree! And the Chinook.”

“What’s that?”

“He’s the New Hampshire state dog, a sled puller.”

IMG_9754 (800x600)

“Geez, Mom. You always say I could pull a sled.”

“Well, you could, too, but this event is just not your cup of bones.”

“Well, I’ll get a new chewy bone when we watch on TV, won’t I?”

“You surely will!”

“With peanut butter.”

“Of course…”

IMG_9752 (1024x768)

“Okay, then. As long as I’m with you, Mom. Yum, this old chewy is still pretty good.”

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