Oh Daddy Clarence…


Group fishing in and on icy waters.


Young Hooded Merganser: “Hey, where did everyone go?”



“Dad! Oh, Daddy! Where are you? These Canada Geese are getting obnoxious!”


Young Hooded Merganser still calling: “Dad! Now it’s a Greater Scaup invasion! Where are you, Daddy?”

Young Hooded Merganser, in panicky voice: “Dad! The Goldeneyes are here! They’re catching everything in sight ! Daaa-dd! Help! Where are you!?!”


“Dad! There’s an Eagle in the sky! Help!”


“Mallards on the ice, Daddy! Hello !?!”


Daddy Clarence: “Coming, son. I have you in sight. Not to worry.”




“All right, now, son. All’s safe and sound.”


Young Hooded Merganser after being rescued by Dad: “Daddy, I really wish you wouldn’t stop to fish just now. Let’s just get out of here!”


Daddy Clarence: “It’s okay, son. We’re back to group. Just think of the experience as A Day in the Life on the water.”

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg


Oh, My Sher-ee

Some animals find their mates the same way some humans do — by hanging around the water.

“Oh, my Sher–ee… Wherever can you be?”


“Ah, my Sher–ee! Don’t hide from me. I will catch you a delicious fish.”


“Yes, Sher–ee! Come swim with me!”


“Now… My Sher–ee, isn’t this nice? And I do love you so!”


“Oh, Sher–ee; you’ll come away with me? Ah, yes, my Sher–ee, we will make a fam-i-ly!”

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