Names of Champions of Hoof and Paw

Complaining about her name?

“Here, Cee-Cee Helberg Ohioan Gem of Kennel Rescue.”  That’s what I called my rescued BT (Border Terrier) mix, Cee-Cee, this week in honor of the 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show aired on February 13 and 14.

Did you ever wonder about the names you hear at dog shows? Tons of dogs of different breeds — six new ones this year — and type backgrounds have participated in the history of not only the Westminster show, but hundreds of shows everywhere, with names as long as trains. How does one call a show dog by name at home? “Here, Albert Caspernium Lindstrom Romper Room. Here, Lady Cynthia Macadoom King’s Court Round Table.” “Here, Al; here, Cindy.” Much easier!

Every show has a Curtis, Jimmy, Bobby, Rocko and a Lady, Lulu, Ginger, Sue running around, all called by those nicknames for purposes of convenience. Verbally introducing every dog by his/her formal name would stretch the show into a full day’s affair. To be helpful to the television audience, the candidate’s family moniker is flashed on screen when he/she begins his individual show moment.

What about racing Thoroughbreds? Man o’ War’s namesakes, or his own progeny names could go on forever: War Admiral, War Clouds, War Passes, War Path, War This, War That. Good, strong racing names without complications. Then there are others like Is It True, Yes Its True, Stephen Got Even. We probably don’t want to go there to surmise meanings!

Oh, and Best in Show was…a walking loaf of long-haired bread named Malachy — a sweet little Pekingese.


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